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Whatever it takes! I know I can make it through!

I'm watching Degrassi right now. I would totally be more popular than Paige Michalchuk. Yes, I had to IMDB how to spell her last name.

As you can see, this is just a redo of the outfit I wore earlier in the week. I was hot and gross in my blazer so I changed into a purple sweater and different jeans and flippy floppies. Well actually my flats gave me a HUGE blister on my foot and I had to walk home barefoot in the rain on Wednesday. Oh wait, I said that last week. NOT DELETING THIS. I meant to post this picture on Thursday. *Fail*

So this weekend I continued my girly looks when I went home to Cincinnati! It was really hot outside on Friday when I wore this next outfit but I didn’t shave my legs so I had to wear leggings. Meh.

Hanging out at UC. As you can see, the boys there are CREEPS. Jared and Katie - I hope you read this. MiSSiN u* aLreADy~* (Miss you too, Sarah, Jackie and Jill. And Sarah and Casey).

We went to Bar Louie and I drank a margarita, ate a salad and then nomed on Cold Stone afterward. Nom nom nom. I know it’s not really that girly but I’m wearing a dress! And a necklace!


“I’m taking my classes online, getting my degree on my own time. Education connection matched me with the right college for free. Get connected, for free! With education connection!”

The girl legit looks like me. Short brown hair, V-neck shirt, skinny jeans and chucks. And I sing (PERFECTLY IN TUNE) all the time, so I’m not sure why I wasn’t in this commercial. “This commercial would be on The N” so says Matt Anderson. “Well, it’s Teen Nick now.” “SEE YOU AT THE LGBT MIXER! That’s what it said on the sign!” Matt said this and giggled. I hope he knows I’m typing down everything he says as we watch Degrassi. Riley is struggling with the fact that he is gay. Classic Degrassi material.

Anyway I went shopping this weekend at Target for some new clothes for New York City this summer! Basically some cute skirts and dresses to wear because it is going to be 908,290 degrees outside. They are really cute, work appropriate and pretty girly if I do say so myself. I think I might wear my new work clothes and continue my girly looks this week…

“There are a lot of heteros up there, you can pretend to be one of us,” said Peter (Degrassi character). TERRIBLE ADVICE PETER! Let Riley be himself. OMG this LGBT Mixer is crazy – lots of glow sticks and techno music. There’s the Hot Asian wearing a tight purple V-neck. RILEY IS TALKING TO HIM! Hot Asian won’t out him… but he said he didn’t come out in preschool (huh?) and then he asked Riley to dance. I think Hot Asian’s name is Zane. ZANE.

Rando Fact of the Day: I love Degrassi. Currently my favorite boy character is Sav… or Peter. Peter did meth one weekend and almost relapsed in last weekend’s episode. Sav has to marry a Muslim girl but is still in love with Anya, who is white. My favorite girl character is Holly J. She’s an abrasive bitch but owns it. Love her. And her relationship with her boyfriend, Declan. There is a boy who bags groceries at Kroger who looks like Declan. Declan 🙂

Edit – I do the same pose a lot. Riley just asked Zane on a date. Nice. AND RILEY JUST KISSED HIM. Oh, Riley… never smile again.


OMG I almost forgot to title this entry!

Wednesday I wore a striped shirt. (WHATTT?!) My roommate wore it on Tuesday. Gross? Maybe. But I bought this really cute striped shirt from Forever 21 and I wore it the weekend before but I dropped O’Betty’s on it!! Hey, YOU try eating O’Betty’s and not spilling it on yourself… well, I guess that is possible but that’s irrelevant! So I washed the shirt and it SHRUNK! And I don’t feel confident enough to wear a belly shirt and it was too hot to wear a striped blazer that I own so there I was, wearing a semi-dirty shirt and not really caring.

I look way too happy for wearing something, ahem, used.

I stuck with my American Eagle jeans that were freshly clean and freshly tight. And also my favorite brown flippy-floppies! They are old but I bought them at the Mall of America and it was the best vacation ever. EVER. So these sandals really bring back the mems.

Matt, my roomie (same roomie who’s said shirt was on my back) wore stripes as well, but in a more subtle way that I had been. As you can see, Matt might look plain from far away but up close you can see he is wearing STRIPED shorts! Nice one! And STRIPED SOCKS! Double nice.

Real men don't smile.

Uneven for a more special look.

His white shirt and Nike’s really pull the outfit together, no? This is what I wish I was doing instead – wearing my theme in a subtle way. I have a whole new outlook on my fashion experiment!

Monday and Tuesday. A boring entry title.

Monday I wore jeans! For the first time in like five days!! Yes, they are American Eagle and no I am not 15, but they are a staple (are they?) and they fit and they are skinny. And paired with the jeans I wore a boy’s striped shirt! Red and white! Horizontal! COLOR! I was excited! I know you all are excited.

LOL, Four Eyes!

But honestly there was nothing special about this outfit. Like, it’s a striped shirt and jeans. And flippy-floppies. So instead of making this one small, boring entry, I’m going to add my outfit from Tuesday! OH MY GOSH!

I probably don’t need to wear a size large but I like my clothes baggy and roomy, therefore I own a handful of over-sized tees and button ups. One of my favorite is from Forever 21, a big artist boyfriend striped blue collared button up. That was a lot of words to describe one shirt. I wore that shirt with leggings because the shirt is long and I’m thinking now that I can only wear my super sweet awesome lovely gladiators with leggings. I tried them with the floral dress from Sunday and it made it seem like I had… don’t make me say it… CANKLES! AH!!! So I’ll experiment more with my sandals later.

Standing outside. Looking awkward. Feeling awkward.

Zoomed in... kind of. In the Scripps basement. Cool story, bro.

I have class around 8 a.m. on Tuesday so it wasn’t really hot or anything in the morning. However, around 2 p.m. when I was walking home I could really feel the sweat on my back. I guess my sweet Jansport backpack didn’t help either, but as soon as I got home I ripped that shirt off! There was a sweat stain on my cami. Yummy.

Now (well, when I typed this up on Tuesday) I’m sitting in my cami and leggings and looking tight… not in a good way. Time to head to the gym! Tomorrow I might shave (Note: I didn’t) so I can wear a skirt and a different striped shirt to change up my look! Because, you know, wearing a different striped article of clothing everyday is really changing up my look.

Elliot Fest means listening to a lot of Ke$ha, Justin Bieber and rap music.

So I kinda, maybe only lasted three days of my all black week. The main problem with wearing all black is that it be required to own enough back clothing to last a person all week. I ran out of things to wear. And so then I was forced to do laundry at the end of the week because I can’t predict the future and who knows what black clothing I was going to need! Ugh, laundry. I also really like wearing jeans and so near the end of the week I would wear jeans with a black shirt or something, so no photo because it was boring and I cheated. BUT ANYWAY!

Today I wore dark black jeans from Old Navy that I absolutely love. They are a few inches too short (WHERE’S THE FLOOD?!) so I intentionally make them even shorter for a cute, Audry Hepburn look. She wore short black jeans, right? But nobody knows they are not actually two inches too short! (Except now). Butyay for know how to roll up jeans, I am so crafty! I paired the black jeans with a simple black V-neck (from Zara) and Old Navy flippy-floppies.


This day I sat outside and burned alive!! I was sweaty and hot and was sunburnt all weekend and people kept touching me and I was like ah get away!! (Uh, that was weird). So this was another problem with my all black ensembles – I was a sun magnet and I really felt the heat.

However, at the end of the day I still love black! But I think I love black more with jeans or a colorful shirt and basically anything that is not a full body combo of black on black on black (on black). Yes, Angelina can pull it off, I’m still working on it.