Lyric to some rap song I’ve never heard goes here.

Yeah, this “using a lyric as my entry title” is probably not going to work out unless I’m listening to music. Whatever.

So March 29 was the first day of Spring Quarter (does that need to be capitalized?) and the first day of my fashion experiment. This week’s theme was black. Monday I wore a brand new pair of Anne Klein flats I bought (on sale) at Macy’s over spring break. They are black. But they have that super trendy zipper thing going on in the shape of a flower. That’s in apparently because I found like 30 DIY links on how to make your own. Thanks Martha!

Only $60!

I bought them with a gift card, so score on that one. Moving on up. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans (I wear no other kind of denim!) that I bought from Urban Outfitters like, 3 years ago. They are more of a faded gray. Continuing on, I wore a new tank I bought from Target also on on spring break and topped if off with a black cardigan (because I ain’t no skank! … plus it was chilly).

The final product!

I felt really cute today and got compliments on my flats, rightfully so! The tank was nice and breezy but the cardigan kept me warm in the chilly morning weather. However, this quickly came off when I forced to sit in an oven for two that is the Scripps basement. And then I was like, oh, my bra straps (black!) are exposed. So I guess I revoke my earlier statement… I be a skank in a tank with exposed straps! I should be a poet.

*Note – I don’t really think you’re a skank if you have exposed bra straps or wear tank tops. I’m just self-conscious, feel bad for me! *pity plea* And apparently my Mac (of course I would publicize my Apple ownage) doesn’t recognize “skank” as a word so they don’t even exist!


Walk, walk, fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy.

I couldn’t think of a better entry title. That is going to be my biggest problem! Maybe I’ll just put a lyric of a song I’m listening to. And then you can all laugh and laugh that I listen to Disney songs and Hanson and Lady Gaga. However, if I were to do that, right now I’m listening to the screams of “Elliot Fest” outside my window. And corn hole. Oooh the sound of bags of corn hitting wood in the afternoon. Sounds great.

Oh, FASHION! Spring Quarter is going to be blazing so my first experiment was to wear all black all of week one. I love black, black is love. I feel really good in black. So while the earth was slowly rotating toward the sun and the temps were hovering in the upper-60s (kill me), I bared all black all week. Kelly Cutrone can look out because I looked like a better, more cutthroat version of the PR guru. Kinda.


First things first: I love attention. I mean, love attention. I don’t want that to be a secret, so let’s get that out there now. Amanda likes attention. Oh, but I don’t care what people think about me! Obviously.

So I want my clothes and my style to get attention. I want to turn heads. But I don’t know how to do that yet! As of now my style consists of skinny jeans and American Apparel V-necks. Womp womp. So this is my chance to try out new things and see what feels good for me and what makes me happy. And if someone is like, what the hell are you wearing? “Oh, its just for my blog. Didn’t you know I had a fashion blog?!” *slap*

My blog is called “Dressed by Numbers” because each week I am going to choose one look and base my outfits for the entire week to reflect that one look. It’s very scientific, like those color by numbers paintings. My roommate thought of the name, okay! But for example, week one of Spring Quarter I wore all black! Week two I wore all stripes. And I’m not sure what the rest of the quarter is going to have in store for me, but I know it will be fashionable and I know I will have fun (aka stress out) with what I wear.

So check out THREAD MAGAZINE! Also take a look at the about section for more info and check back here often because I will probably post at least four times a week with cute, quirky, weird and new fashions.