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Elliot Fest means listening to a lot of Ke$ha, Justin Bieber and rap music.

So I kinda, maybe only lasted three days of my all black week. The main problem with wearing all black is that it be required to own enough back clothing to last a person all week. I ran out of things to wear. And so then I was forced to do laundry at the end of the week because I can’t predict the future and who knows what black clothing I was going to need! Ugh, laundry. I also really like wearing jeans and so near the end of the week I would wear jeans with a black shirt or something, so no photo because it was boring and I cheated. BUT ANYWAY!

Today I wore dark black jeans from Old Navy that I absolutely love. They are a few inches too short (WHERE’S THE FLOOD?!) so I intentionally make them even shorter for a cute, Audry Hepburn look. She wore short black jeans, right? But nobody knows they are not actually two inches too short! (Except now). Butyay for know how to roll up jeans, I am so crafty! I paired the black jeans with a simple black V-neck (from Zara) and Old Navy flippy-floppies.


This day I sat outside and burned alive!! I was sweaty and hot and was sunburnt all weekend and people kept touching me and I was like ah get away!! (Uh, that was weird). So this was another problem with my all black ensembles – I was a sun magnet and I really felt the heat.

However, at the end of the day I still love black! But I think I love black more with jeans or a colorful shirt and basically anything that is not a full body combo of black on black on black (on black). Yes, Angelina can pull it off, I’m still working on it.



Side note, or first note? Just a note: I can’t wait until I can write “Day 26” so I can make a reference to the failed Diddy boy-band. I still love you Donny Klang!

Anywho, day two of my all black experiment composed of leggings – gasp! I wear leggings – a black button up/down (whichever way you swing) shirt and my super awesome sandals I got for Christmas. They are gladiator and totally in style still because I see them all over the Internetz.

Let's remember my beautiful pedicure that got effed up the next day. RIP.

My leggings are American Apparel, purchased at The Other Place (Hey there supporting Athens stores!) and the shirt is from Bershka, a store in Spain. Oh, *memories* The cami I wore is from Express, no other explanation needed. And then my beautiful sandals! They got me plenty of looks (good or bad, all press is good press!) and an equal amount of compliments.

Posing~* next to the bathroom!

The problem with today was I was getting hot. HOT! And I had blisters on my feet from the day before when I wore my new flats. I said they were awesome, not comfortable! And the collar from my shirt was making me feel all uptight and constricted. I love V-necks so I felt weird and blah today. And it was HOT!

Lyric to some rap song I’ve never heard goes here.

Yeah, this “using a lyric as my entry title” is probably not going to work out unless I’m listening to music. Whatever.

So March 29 was the first day of Spring Quarter (does that need to be capitalized?) and the first day of my fashion experiment. This week’s theme was black. Monday I wore a brand new pair of Anne Klein flats I bought (on sale) at Macy’s over spring break. They are black. But they have that super trendy zipper thing going on in the shape of a flower. That’s in apparently because I found like 30 DIY links on how to make your own. Thanks Martha!

Only $60!

I bought them with a gift card, so score on that one. Moving on up. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans (I wear no other kind of denim!) that I bought from Urban Outfitters like, 3 years ago. They are more of a faded gray. Continuing on, I wore a new tank I bought from Target also on on spring break and topped if off with a black cardigan (because I ain’t no skank! … plus it was chilly).

The final product!

I felt really cute today and got compliments on my flats, rightfully so! The tank was nice and breezy but the cardigan kept me warm in the chilly morning weather. However, this quickly came off when I forced to sit in an oven for two that is the Scripps basement. And then I was like, oh, my bra straps (black!) are exposed. So I guess I revoke my earlier statement… I be a skank in a tank with exposed straps! I should be a poet.

*Note – I don’t really think you’re a skank if you have exposed bra straps or wear tank tops. I’m just self-conscious, feel bad for me! *pity plea* And apparently my Mac (of course I would publicize my Apple ownage) doesn’t recognize “skank” as a word so they don’t even exist!

Walk, walk, fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy.

I couldn’t think of a better entry title. That is going to be my biggest problem! Maybe I’ll just put a lyric of a song I’m listening to. And then you can all laugh and laugh that I listen to Disney songs and Hanson and Lady Gaga. However, if I were to do that, right now I’m listening to the screams of “Elliot Fest” outside my window. And corn hole. Oooh the sound of bags of corn hitting wood in the afternoon. Sounds great.

Oh, FASHION! Spring Quarter is going to be blazing so my first experiment was to wear all black all of week one. I love black, black is love. I feel really good in black. So while the earth was slowly rotating toward the sun and the temps were hovering in the upper-60s (kill me), I bared all black all week. Kelly Cutrone can look out because I looked like a better, more cutthroat version of the PR guru. Kinda.