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You’re in control just like a child, now I’m dancing…

What the hell kind of lyric is that? I mean, I know Madonna is a “genius” or whatever but “Like a Prayer” has some legit weird lyrics. Oh well, I’m currently listening to the Glee version (natch) and eating cherry tomatoes, my favorite food.

So I didn’t really dress up on Thursday or Friday in summer music festival garb. I wore a cute tank top on Thursday (from Spain~*) but I didn’t really do much with it, so whatever. But on Friday night I had a date party with my frat and I think my outfit (although I didn’t plan this) could very well be a summer concert outfit. This dress would be good if maybe I was going to Dave Matthews Band and pretended like I liked their music but really went to underage drink and dance with my friends and flirt with boiz. Wow, high school flashback…

First thing Matt said after taking this photo: "You look really skinny!" And I was like duhhh.

I mean, it’s a dress. I’m wearing wedges. My hair is in a braid. I’m wearing a necklace. That’s about it. The dress is from Target as well as the shoes and I have plenty of blisters on my feet to prove that I never wear heels. Wouldn’t you agree that this girl would be seen head boppin’ and posing for photos with a beer in hand at a DMB concert? I do. I can say that Friday night I did “head bop” and I sipped on Corona and Amaretto Sours all night and bar hoped and felt like a cool college kid.

So that is the end of my fashion experiment for week four. I tried hard for the first day or two but then I gave up, womp womp. I’m thinking next week I’m going to wear “girly” stuff. Like more dresses and flats and ruffles and lace. Or maybe not… I need to start getting more creative with my clothes. THREAD LAUNCHES ON THURSDAY!


I Believe in a Thing Called Love! Or I’m just listening to that song right now…

HEADS UP, YO: I wrote these past two blog entries BY HAND in my media relations class because it was boring and I’m doing this new thing with my S’s and so I’m really into writing these days to see how my handwriting has transformed. If you are girl then you know exactly what I mean! I try to change up my handwriting at least once a year.

So today will be the last day that I wear skirts/dresses/jorts methinks because I am too lazy to shave. I remember this one time my junior year of high school that I didn’t shave from like, December until the Sadie Hawkins dance in March. Is that gross? That’s gross.

Today my H&M floral dress made another appearance because florals are popular at music festivals. (How do I know this? Because I actually RESEARCHED photos from Coachella. This blog is like, legit now!). (I realize there was no reason whatsoever to put the previous statement in parentheses but I love them, so deal). At first I just threw on a scarf to add an accessory and my sweet/cheap/really loud black boots from Forever 21.

I'm going to start posting larger photos so everyone can enjoy my beauty and class and style.

OH WOW. That photo is big. I might make it smaller so… ah, yeah, big pic of me.

After this photo was taken I had to run to class, but instead of going bare shoulders (because it was slightly chilly again, c’mon April!) I grabbed a gray sweater. As Matt and I walked to class I was like, “Oh, we should take some candid photos of me walking,” but then I whipped out my camera because I was totally being serious. (Remember, I like love attention). So look at this fierce photo of me:

So candid. So cute. So modelesque. Tyra would be proud! Except that I'm eating cherry Pull-N-Peel Twizzlers at 10 a.m. (And, yes, this is now my profile picture. HANDLE IT!).

So there’s a photo of me in action. Walking. Laughing. Generally enjoying life being a cute, single college junior. Seriously… boys… date me! (I need to stop using this “joke”).

PS – Like I said I wrote these by hand in class. I had to stare at Ben Harshbarger’s head all day. He has nice hair. I’m creepy.

Baba O’Riley… because that’s what song I’m listening to.

Monday night I went to Walmart, I almost bought Miley Cyrus jeans (I know… no, I know) but instead settled on a pair of SHORT shorts for $12. Everyone at summer music fests wears jean shorts. Jorts? Even DUDES. So on Tuesday I wore those bootay shorts. But because I don’t want you all to be blinded by my pasty white legs, I wore black tights underneath the shorts. Another reason was because of the weather! It was cold on Tuesday! I should have worn all black this week…

I wore my black high top Converse shoes because I am cool enough to own them. I bought them in London~* last Spring… well my mom bought them for me while we were in London. (If you all remember, “~*” means that I’m trying to brag about being a world traveler). I love those shoes. I love shoes. I love. I. (I just deleted a word each time, I’m so funny).

I wanted to wear a flowy tank top but it was chilly! So I wore this peach graphic T-shirt that I bought from an Urban Outfitters in New York City~* last summer. I guess it doesn’t really matter which Urban it was because every Urban has the same stuff. Anyway, I also wore a black cardigan because of the flipping weather! ON TO THE PHOTO!

Oh, who's that girl?!

My crotch hurt by the end of the day because my tights were pretty tight in that area (hey, go figure!). And my shorts kept riding up because I couldn’t really feel them (and they are cheap and from Walmart so the denim is actually like stretchy so… they’re just bad) so it looked like I wasn’t wearing jorts half the day. And my fly was down from like 8 a.m. until 1 p.m! So the bottom half of my body (minus my shoes) was displaying some strange wardrobe malfunctions (seen and unseen). Also the shirt is borderline too big for me. I know I said I like baggy things but this shirt like, fits me weird now. Hey, I’ve lost 15 pounds since Thanksgiving and I can’t afford to buy new clothes every 5 pounds I lose, OKAY?! (Some feelings you should be experiencing right now: Shock, amazement and awe that I’ve lost 15 pounds and then pity because I have no money and no job).

Okay so Tuesday was a fun day. I wouldn’t normally wear an outfit like that and I think I looked pretty seksi. (That means “sexy” for all of you non-nerds).

I’m actually posting the day I wear an outfit.

That title doesn’t make any sense because I always post on days that I wear outfits. I don’t like to blog naked. My windows are always open and my neighbors would see me naked! That would be weird. And if I were to blog naked and I was laying in my bed, my computer would burn me because it gets really hot! And then I would have weird scars. Scars are not cute, unless they are really cool. One time I got shot point blank with a paintball gun and so now I have a cool scar. So just a heads up for all future and current posts – I don’t like to edit my ramblings so you all will get to hear irrelevant (yet awesome) stories about how I got shot by a paintball gun and have a cool scar. But anyway, today I’m blogging about the outfit I’m wearing today. How strange!

As you can see I changed up the layout. The old one was boring and tan, this one is black but with splashes of color! The links change color with every post! It’s like that HGTV show “Color Splash!” Except I am the hostess of this blog and the host of Color Splash is a really flamboyant gay man. To some that might be one in the same I suppose. I love HGTV.

This week, like I said previously and in the new section to the right (where I will let you guys know my fashion choices for the week), I decided to wear clothes inspired by summer music festivals! Today I wore a pink dress (GASP! because I hate my body… wahh I’m self conscious, join the club Amanda, nobody is super confident… are they? wahhh) with a floral button-up shirt over the dress and my gladiator sandals. I feel like I would fit right in at Coachella, which just ended today. Or yesterday? Who cares.

Everyone keeps telling me that they love my witty captions for my photos and so now I have all of this pressure to be witty and I can't take it. AHHH!

Again, I had to wear my sunglasses for the photo (and that doesn’t make me a tool!) but if I were at a fest then natch I would wear sunglasses. Today lots of people said I looked *2 qT* but I can’t decide if they said I looked cute because the outfit is cute or because they aren’t used to seeing me wear fAsHiOnAbLe clothes. So from now on everyone has to compliment me and say that they like my outfit because it’s cute and not because I don’t normally dress cute! OMG I just figured it out… I don’t ever dress that nicely so now everyone is surprised and complimenting me. You jerks!!

Anyway – the button up shirt is H&M, the dress was originally from Urban but I bought it at Gabriel Brothers for cheap (I’m not sure why it was at Gabriel Brothers except there might be a hole somewhere and what if there actually is a hole and it’s on my butt everyone saw my green underwear?!), the sandals are Urban, the sunglasses are Urban and the belt is Old Navy maybe? I mean it’s my normal belt that I wear but since I’m skinny and beautiful, it fits nicely as a high waisted belt. Man I am full of myself.