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I still have a lot of homework to finish.

Although Friday morning I wore workout clothes to class, I spent a spectacularly sweaty hour at Ping before I changed into stripes! (Yes, I just wanted everyone to know that I worked out Friday morning and that I’m active and fun. Date me!). After showering, I put on a striped tank top that I bought in Rome ~* like four years ago. The “~*” means I’m trying to be fancy/brag that I’ve been to Rome – sux 4 u. I also wore a new gray cardigan from H&M. Again, thank you Cincinnati for finally getting an H&M! I also wore skinny jeans (maybe I should find a new material/style for the bottom half of my body) and my black TOMS. Last Thursday I was supposed to go barefoot or wear my TOMS or something to support people but I didn’t (it rained, hello!) and so I thought Friday would be a good day to support people and not be a follower. I’m a leader!

Trying to get cute before spending a day at the library. Yes, boys, I work out and study on Fridays. Call me!

Needless to say I was/am over wearing stripes and am ready for something new. This week is rush for Phi Sigma Pi (the *honors* fraternity I’m in – you need a good GPA to be a member so I’m pretty smart) so I am wearing T-shirts to support/advertise the organization. I will see what I can do this week with all of these T-shirts…

*Note – What TOMS Shoes does is amazing and I really admire the support and free shoes they give to shoeless children! I mean, I guess they aren’t shoeless anymore thanks to me and my *two* pairs of Toms. I’m supportive!


Updating this is better than working on homework.

You know what they say: When it rains, it pours! So who are “they” anyway? Well that phrase isn’t really relevant to my post today because nothing bad happened. That was just a random quote. It’s like we’re in an episode of Family Guy! I don’t really like Family Guy. What? How could I not like Family Guy? Uh… I just remembered it rained last Thursday and I got wet. I guess that was my point all along…

Last Thursday I wore a blue and white striped Calvin Klein blazer. (NAME DROPPIN’). I got it for cheap(ish) at the outlet mall! The material has a special name but I can’t think of it right now. Or I just don’t know the name. Either way, it’s made out of something. EDIT: TERRY CLOTH. No, that’s not right. But if it was terry cloth it would have been like a towel and kept me dry! Along with my Calvin Klein blazer I wore some stains. No idea what food it was (was it food? I hope it was food) or when I acquired these stains but the last time I wore my Calvin Klein blazer was at a Thanksgiving dinner party. I guess I haven’t washed it since before November. I promise it’s in the hamper now…

Along with my Calvin Klein blazer and stains, I wore a basic white V-neck from Target and my new favorite flats (also from Target). They are a caramel-y color and have studs on the back. Super cute!

Hey there, stud.

I also wore jeans. It rained. I hate wet jeans. These jeans got wet. I hated those wet jeans. My Calvin Klein blazer got wet too but I didn’t wear it that long because I had to spend another morning in the Scripps basement and it was HOT. Am I capable of typing HOT without it being in all CAPS? Needless to say I stripped in class once again. Stripped, not striped. And my hair got all frizzy from a horrible combo of moisture and heat. As soon as class was over I ran home and changed into sweats and napped. I watched the rain and listened to Boyz II Men and it was so romantic, me, myself and I, alone in my bed. Oh… well, here’s my outfit:

"Me, myself and I is all I got in the end..." - Beyoncé, a true poet.

Although you can’t really see the stripes in my Calvin Klein blazer from this image, they are there. This was the “subtle” striped look I was going for!! However, I really wish it wouldn’t have rained because I think Thursday would have been one of those “I feel really cute and confident” days. But like I said, I was rocking the frizzy, wet hair look, a dirty Calvin Klein blazer, wet jeans *ughhhh* and I had sweaty feet. Did I mention my flats cause my feet to sweat? Well they do. What I learned that day was to read the forecast but try not to let the weather affect my game. Yes, affect my game.

Times I name dropped “Calvin Klein” in this entry: 7. If that is wrong, don’t let me know. I’m a journalism major! I don’t need to “count.” All I ever need to know about math I learned in Mean Girls: The limit does not exist!

OMG I almost forgot to title this entry!

Wednesday I wore a striped shirt. (WHATTT?!) My roommate wore it on Tuesday. Gross? Maybe. But I bought this really cute striped shirt from Forever 21 and I wore it the weekend before but I dropped O’Betty’s on it!! Hey, YOU try eating O’Betty’s and not spilling it on yourself… well, I guess that is possible but that’s irrelevant! So I washed the shirt and it SHRUNK! And I don’t feel confident enough to wear a belly shirt and it was too hot to wear a striped blazer that I own so there I was, wearing a semi-dirty shirt and not really caring.

I look way too happy for wearing something, ahem, used.

I stuck with my American Eagle jeans that were freshly clean and freshly tight. And also my favorite brown flippy-floppies! They are old but I bought them at the Mall of America and it was the best vacation ever. EVER. So these sandals really bring back the mems.

Matt, my roomie (same roomie who’s said shirt was on my back) wore stripes as well, but in a more subtle way that I had been. As you can see, Matt might look plain from far away but up close you can see he is wearing STRIPED shorts! Nice one! And STRIPED SOCKS! Double nice.

Real men don't smile.

Uneven for a more special look.

His white shirt and Nike’s really pull the outfit together, no? This is what I wish I was doing instead – wearing my theme in a subtle way. I have a whole new outlook on my fashion experiment!

Monday and Tuesday. A boring entry title.

Monday I wore jeans! For the first time in like five days!! Yes, they are American Eagle and no I am not 15, but they are a staple (are they?) and they fit and they are skinny. And paired with the jeans I wore a boy’s striped shirt! Red and white! Horizontal! COLOR! I was excited! I know you all are excited.

LOL, Four Eyes!

But honestly there was nothing special about this outfit. Like, it’s a striped shirt and jeans. And flippy-floppies. So instead of making this one small, boring entry, I’m going to add my outfit from Tuesday! OH MY GOSH!

I probably don’t need to wear a size large but I like my clothes baggy and roomy, therefore I own a handful of over-sized tees and button ups. One of my favorite is from Forever 21, a big artist boyfriend striped blue collared button up. That was a lot of words to describe one shirt. I wore that shirt with leggings because the shirt is long and I’m thinking now that I can only wear my super sweet awesome lovely gladiators with leggings. I tried them with the floral dress from Sunday and it made it seem like I had… don’t make me say it… CANKLES! AH!!! So I’ll experiment more with my sandals later.

Standing outside. Looking awkward. Feeling awkward.

Zoomed in... kind of. In the Scripps basement. Cool story, bro.

I have class around 8 a.m. on Tuesday so it wasn’t really hot or anything in the morning. However, around 2 p.m. when I was walking home I could really feel the sweat on my back. I guess my sweet Jansport backpack didn’t help either, but as soon as I got home I ripped that shirt off! There was a sweat stain on my cami. Yummy.

Now (well, when I typed this up on Tuesday) I’m sitting in my cami and leggings and looking tight… not in a good way. Time to head to the gym! Tomorrow I might shave (Note: I didn’t) so I can wear a skirt and a different striped shirt to change up my look! Because, you know, wearing a different striped article of clothing everyday is really changing up my look.

Week Two: Stripes!

HALO! And welcome to the… College Green? *Failed Project Runway reference* This week I am steering clear of any solids and busting out a PATTERN! Stripes! I own a lot more stripes and live with a boy who is about the same size as me (embarrassing for him or embarrassing for me?) and owns a lot of stripes! Not actual stripes, but striped clothing. C’mon guys…

So problem of running out of stripes averted! Sunday (April 4) I wore a new floral dress from H&M (I died the day Cincinnati finally got an H&M!). Floral is in because some people told me so. And then, to be completely original and like nobody else in the entire world, I paired my floral dress with a striped cardigan! NO WAY!! It was super cute and super comfortable and my roomie and I went for like a two hour walk and I felt oh so good. But I wore some silver Havaianas that gave me two big blisters. But don’t worry, I popped them that night and now I just have two red scars. So buh bye ugly blisters, hello pretty scars?

Que precioso! That's "how precious" for you non-bilinguists.

What I learned today was that clothes could make me feel confident and happy. Now I have plenty of confidence (fake or real, I’m not sure) but I know that taking a relatively boring risk like wearing stripes with a floral print dress can make me feel original and confident. Is there a synonym for confident? Clothes should make people feel good and I felt really good today. And other then my blister-causing flippy-floppies, my outfit was comfortable so I felt comfortable. Wow, mommy! Look what I learned at school today!