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“You think I’m trashy, you think I’m white trash!”

That is a quote from the conversation I’m listening to right now (between Pat and Ben) in the Front Room because apparently I don’t have to go to Media Relations until 11. INSERT EXPLETIVE HERE. (Pat had to sit here and tell me what word to use, how to use it and how to spell it for a good two minutes before I wrote “expletive”). INSERT ANOTHER EXPLETIVE HERE.

I’ve been slacking with my updating again, sorry readers! This week I will be better about updating. Last week was crazy because of exams (okay, 1 exam), homework and the release of the magazine! I know you all read it and enjoyed my story about men’s fashion. If not it’s on page 32, read it now.

So last Thursday I wore an outfit that I deemed “girly on bottom, manly on top.” Well not exactly manly but like, “boyfriend-like.” Whatever, take a look.

The Panda's ears are kind of on my boobs but not really so I promise I have a normal chest.

As you can see, the top part of my body is kind of boyfriend-like and the bottom half of my body is girly with my tight, rolled-up jeans and pointy flats. So I really loved this outfit. A LOT. My boyfriend blazer was a Christmas gift (but it’s from Urban), I bought the Panda shirt from Redd Flock (yay me supporting local Athens’ stores!), my jeans are American Eagle and my flats are from Target. And as you can see I’ve painted my nails. When I cut my hair really short (way shorter than it is now) I told myself that I would have my nails painted at all times, so I still looked girly. But this quarter I’ve been lazy and such, but I finally painted them! They aren’t black, they are dark PURPLE!! I love purple. It’s my favorite color right now. Yes, my favorite color changes. Most recently it was green but now it’s purple. Before that it was red.

AH! Anyway. I felt really comfortable and happy all day in that outfit. And my lovely freshman roommate KATELYNN took this photo of me. Any photo of me that has been taken or will be taken in Scripps’ basement has been taken by Katelynn. (THERE’S YOUR PLUG. JK, love you). So this little paragraph is for my friend Emmy because she likes when I say what I liked/didn’t like about my outfit. What I liked: I was comfortable, I felt cute and confident (of course) and I was able to wear black without wearing all black. Plus the panda shirt like, supports animals or something (World Wildlife Fund).

I support endangered animals.


I am dreamer, a distant dreamer.

(My next comment is a reference to the entry title, which you all should know by now are song lyrics because that’s what trendy, cool bloggers do). Love you, Duffy! I listened to her CD nonstop in Europe last year, specifically while flying to London to meet my sister. Oh the mems. But now I’m changing the song to BeyoncĂ© because I need some upbeat stuff while I blog. Did you guys know that I know *most* of the “Single Ladies” dance? If not I will show you all sometime. All eyes on me… it’ll be a good time.

Okay, first things first. Well, I guess this isn’t the first thing anymore but whatevs… everyone needs to check out THREAD MAGAZINE! The site works although the magazine does not launch until tomorrow, but you can all check out the “Blogs” section and see a radiant photo of me. Yes, my hair is looking a little bit crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So as you can all read (I hope you can all read. If not I feel bad that you can only see these strange symbols and photos of me trying too hard to pose and look cute. But I guess if you can’t read then you have no idea what I’m saying! SUX 4 U~)… where was I? Oh, as you can see I have not blogged yet this week. Oops, hehe. Monday and Tuesday were two of those days where you wake up and throw on jeans and a sweatshirt and run to class sans makeup and looking a hot mess. Emphasis on hot. And yes boys, I am talking to you, too! Don’t deny that you forget your mascara most of the days during the week. But then today my (one) class was canceled and I don’t have like homework or anything (it’s okay, I know you’re jealous and I love it) and I didn’t have meetings until 6 p.m. so I didn’t exactly get ready for the day until 5 or so. HA! It was a great day. I played The Sims 3, did some laundry, went to Walmart and had McDonald’s for lunch. But then I had to great ready so this is what I wore:

Ugh, I die. I am so trendy against the peeling paint of an old white building. The air conditioning unit just makes this photo that much more artistic.

My roommate Matt made me do this photo shoot (although I did not complain) and also picked out my outfit. So here are the outtakes from our 9-shot photo shoot. You can click it to make it bigger and therefore get a better look at me!

I'm cute! I'm fun! I'm... clumsy. That's why I'm hoding my side. I kind of ran into that random piece of wood sticking out from the building. But I'm laughing while in pain! So versatile and fun.

I am wearing my caramel brown flats from Target, my Fossil boyfriend watch, jean leggings (that I freaking love) from Express (and I only paid like $5 for them too, thank you coupons!) and Matt’s sweater. I’ve been dying to wear this sweater since his mom bought it for him a few months ago. AND I FINALLY GOT TO WEAR IT! Thanks, buddy!

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments (duh) during these short three hours I’ve been wearing this ensemble so now I’m kind of regretting not saving it for Thursday when more people would see me wear it or to the Thread launch party… OH WELL! I guess this just gives me more motivation to look cute and approachable tomorrow, too.

I’m approachable.