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He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar.

Yes, I listen to Taylor Swift. End of discussion.

Okay, I know, I know. I haven’t blogged since last Monday. I bet you’re all thinking, “You’re lazy, Amanda! You suck, Amanda! I’m going to stop reading your blog, Amanda!” WELL STOP WITH THE THIRD DEGREE, PEOPLE! Oh wait, I’m probably being harder on myself than any of you are. Except I just got off the phone with my mom and she was like, you haven’t blogged in a week. Oops 🙂 (Ew, Word Press is going to put an ugly smiley there but I have been avoiding using smileys for so long, it’s time to use one. And my mommy deserves a smiley).

So nautical fashionz was hard for me. My problem is that I am not going above and beyond. Like, I wish I owned a T-shirt with a huge anchor on the front, wide tan linen pants, red patent wedges and rope bracelets. THAT (as gaudy as it sounds) is what I want to be doing. Well I did try it once more, last Wednesday…

Ohhh. Ugh. Denim on denim. *Shiver* When a word is in between two asterisks, that means I'm doing that thing. I'm literally shivering right now. See, I'm teaching you all some cool iNtErNeTz* lingo!

Aimee told me that light denim on dark denim is “in” and that Mary-Kate Olsen wore it once. And I’m like, MKO is 3’8″, rich and looks like a frog. (Is that libel? I should know, I got an A in Comm. Law. Yes, I’m trying to brag about that). And I’m 5’8″, a poor college student and GORGEOUS! So obviously this look wasn’t going to be the same for me. But all jokes aside (gasp) and even though denim on denim sounds gross on paper, I actually felt kind of cute and stuff. And I still love my Ked-like shoes from Urban.

So at the end of the day I sucked at blogging last week and didn’t feel very inspired by nautical stuff. DEAL WITH IT. But at least I know what I should have worn. And now I will be better for this week… 🙂

FFFFF I hate those smileys.


Center of Attention

I’m listening to “Center of Attention” by Guster as I blog this. How appropriate. Anyway, I’ve got about an hour before I go to Applebee’s with two of my roommates so I thought I’d go ahead add another post today! Applebee’s has the best apple margaritas evahhh. I can’t wait to drink one, mmm.

So this week’s theme is going to be nautical. Oooooh. Ahhhhh. I’m sure that’s what you’re all saying. I researched some nautical-inspired fashions online (I KNOW! Again, this blog is like legit now) and ELLE told me to buy a $6,000 Hermes leather shoulder bag (that wasn’t that cute), a $1,625 Chanel bracelet (that looked like it was made of cheap plastic) and a $33,000 Rolex watch! Uhhh, no thanks. How am I supposed to afford all of these things? OH WAIT! This blog is about me being inspired by these inspirations (that sounded dumb… inspired by inspirations), so I need to be crafty. According to the sites that I researched, I need things that are red, white, have stripes, rope, chains and anchors. And fishies. Uh duhhhh.

So today I wore a cheap (well, not cheap, I’m not POOR okay!) an inexpensive nautical themed outfit.

Look at this cute girl, ready to go clam hunting!

Clam hunting? Clam digging? Who looks for clams anyway unless you’re the stars of “The Deadliest Catch?” I think they catch lobster. WHATEVAH. So this photo was taken by Ben (yes, the same Ben who was called white trash by Pat in the previous entry and the same Ben whose head I stared at a few weeks ago) before our media relations class (except not really because I didn’t have to go until 11 and this was taken at 10. Grrr). I tried a few poses but that freaking horizontal striped shirt made me look wide. *tear* So I had to do this side pose thing so I could hold my ribs and you could all see that I can wrap my hand around my torso. From that angle this shirt makes my boobies look big, ‘sup fellaz? (That was two boob comments in two posts. NO MORE).

Anyway… as you all may know, that is my roommate Matt’s shirt (I did not ask permission, good thing he doesn’t read my blog! Ass. Again good thing he doesn’t read my blog because I called him an ass for not reading it!). It is red striped, just like a pirate or a person who lives in Boston and goes boating. Or something. Those are my new~* boyfriend fit jeans from American Eagle (I know it’s kind of a juvenile brand, but they had a buy one, get one half off sale and so I got two pairs of jeans for $60!) and my new~* shoes from Urban Outfitters. I swear, I look like I should be shell collecting on the beaches of Nantucket (is that place real or just a fairy tale?) and eating crab for dinner.

Other than the fact that I was kind of sweaty from the humidity this morning, I love love love those jeans. And I might have a blister on my heel (no support at all with those shoes) but that’s okay! I felt very cute and like I belonged on the eastern shores of the… United States. (Haha. That was the first joke I actually laughed out loud after typing. Except it isn’t really a joke because technically I would fit right in on the eastern shores of the U.S.). But right now I’m looking at my closet and realizing that I don’t own much nautical-esque clothing. So this week will be a challenge but a fun challenge! Are challenges ever fun? Seriously, who looks forward to a “good challenge” unless you’re trying to look impressive? If you like a challenge, you’re lying. LIARS!