Hello! My name is Amanda Hawkins and welcome to my fashion blog for THREAD MAGAZINE! Dressed By Numbers is my way to contribute to Ohio University’s newest online publication (THREAD!) and have people read about me everyday! Ha, no, but really… I love attention and I love clothes so this blog is flipping perfect for me! (Who says”flipping?”). Um. Yeah. Anyway, each week I will choose a look, a theme if you will, and base my outfits everyday of that week based on the one look. The one look to rule them all! (That was a dumb Lord of the Rings reference). So like week one I wore all black. Week two I wore stripes everyday. And who knows what new fashionz each week will bring! So thanks for reading, I hope I make you all laugh, either at my outfits or at my writing, and that everyone checks out Thread Magazine!

I should add that “photo credit” goes mainly to my roommate, Matt A. So blame him if I look bad or if my outfit is ugly. It’s the photography, not my lack of style.

Some things I will do in this blog: Post gorgeous photos of me each week. Use sarcasm. Use parentheses a lot. (All the time). Use commas, a lot, and probably incorrectly. (What’s up C+ in Precision Language?!) Make bad pop culture references. Make dorky movie/music/TV references. Try to be funny. Unintentionally offend people. Edit a post that was posted a week earlier that nobody will ever read again but I am OCD and like everything to be perfect. Use long sentences. Favor exclamation points!

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