Watching the Real Housewives of NY Reunion

OMG I AM BLOGGING! That’s weird. I haven’t blogged in like two weeks. HA. I bet you guys have missed me. I’ve missed you! I’ve been like busy… or whatever. I hope everyone liked the second issue of Thread!! Becky and I wrote a fab story about international fashion and the photos are wonderful! Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out. (Pretend I put enough “ch’s” on that to be like that Beastie Boys song). And now I am going to start blogging again because I’m going to New York on Saturday and I’m going to have to show off my new New York fashionz and also keep plugging Thread. Also if I don’t start blogging again they might take it away from me. NOOOO!!!!

I want an accent like Jill Zarin because I will sound so New York. New Yahk. I got distracted from writing the description about my outfit because I can only hear Jill and Bethenny in their New York accents yapping their traps. "I have changed," says Bethenny. "I have changed a lot," says JZ. Jill just totes one-upped Beth.

I went home last weekend. Isn’t my kitchen so pretty? Like my new work outfit? I wore it to dinner that night to Bar Louie – I was way over dressed but all of my other clothes were in the wash! The skirt was (on sale!) at Express. The sweater is from “PH8” which is a really tacky work-out clothing store owned by BeBe but my sister Casey really wanted to shop there. Sooo we stopped in and I saw that cutesie sweater thing for $10! Originally $70! It will be perf for NY when I want to wear a tank top outside but need a cover up in the office. TRE CHIC! (Does that mean “how chic?”).

Um. I start my internship in NY on Monday so I will start blogging my outfits again. The theme all summer will be work outfits and then trendy, New York “going out” outfits and street outfits. I wonder who will take the photos…

Bonus photo! Damn girl look at that ZIPPER.

LIKE MY NEW HAIRZ?! My eyeball looks crazy in the first picture. One is red and one isn’t!

ALMOST FORGOT. Random Fact of Da Day: I like The Real Housewives series. I love reality TV shows. LOVE. I’m sad Glee is over. This is random.

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