Smooth Criminal (MJ version)

First things first – my baby girl and best friend LIZ McGORY guessed my one blog post entry title song correctly. IT WAS ABBA! Natch. I love Mama Mia.

Now onto the good stuff. Not that you aren’t good Liz, I luff u. But… THREAD’S NEXT ISSUE COMES OUT ON TUESDAY!!! I’m excited, you’re excited, we’re all excited, hey! That reminds me of “I’m a dude, your a dude, she’s a dude, we’re all dudes, hey!” Was that “All That” or “The Keenan and Kel Show?” My old brain can’t remember the classic Nickelodeon shows. *Tear* Becky and I wrote a feature about international fashionz so you all need to check it out next week!

Anyway this week was going to be more girly fashions but today I wore one of my future intern outfits for New York City this summer! So Matt was like, “Is this dressed to impress week?” and I was like… sure? YEAH! So this is dressed to impress week. Except my only class got canceled tomorrow (hehehe, I’m laughing evilly) which means somebody is going out tonight (this girl *points to chest*) and I probably won’t wake up until the afternoon. So I might dress to impress tomorrow but I probably won’t impress anyone if I go to the library at 3 p.m. looking super cute on a Friday. WELL HERE’S WHAT I WORE TODAY:

WINNER! WINNER! WINNER! That's what this pop-up on my computer said. I promise I wasn't looking at porn or anything.

Other than my shiny skin (I really need to invest in some new foundation/concealer or some sort of make-up that I don’t normally wear), I am looking pretty superb! Did you all notice my hair cut and dye job? My sistah Sarah dyed it blonde (blond? My computer says blond but I say blonde. This is not relevant)… uh, Sarah dyed it this past weekend and my hair turned into a nice honey brown. So buttery brown~* (inside joke for Matt Anderson who actually looks at my blog but only to look at the photos he takes of me, not the actual words. THANKS ROOMMATE AND BEST FRIEND). And then yesterday I randomly decided to get it cut. My hair was at that length where I couldn’t put it in a pony tail without 3,390 bobby pins and if I wore it down and I got sweaty it would be gross and ugly. And this summer I don’t want to worry about ugly hair so I got it chopped off. AND MY BROWS WAXED! I just felt so nice today. I really like my hairz.

Everything I am wearing here is from Target. (No, dad, I didn’t buy the clothes for the blog. I bought the clothes for New York and this might be my first day of work outfit! When I have to go to my orientation at Rockefeller Center I will wear something more profesh. Love you!). Tank top, skirt, shoes. Target.

BONUS JONAS. I mean, bonus photo.

Here I am wearing a white cardigan from Target. This is so I can wear a tank top outside when it’s hot but grab a little cover up for when I’m inside the office working. I am just so versatile and trendy! The floral print is in (except my skirt is kind of paisley), the strappy sandals are in and the gray tank top and white cardigan are classic staples for any wardrobe. That’s my advice for the year – buy simple clothes but one piece that is wilder. Like my “wild” skirt works perfectly with a gray tank/white sweater combo and black strappy sandals. NEW YORK HERE I COME! Oh and look at my cool ring:

Nobody has commented on my awesome silver nail polish. I seriously thought I would get more compliments or attention... thanks a lot guys.

It’s a bird, tweet tweet! And it goes over two fingers. How “in!”

Rando Fact of the Day: I ate lunch at Applebee’s with my little Kyle (SHOUT OUT) and Matt today. I had two apple margaritas, blended, with salt. Mmm, so delish. And then I came home and took a nap. I was going to skip class at 5 but I checked my e-mail and (like I said earlier) my one class (at 8 a.m.) tomorrow was canceled so I decided to go to oceanography. We learned about sharks and stuff. The fact in all of this is my favorite drink of the moment is apple margaritas and the blue whale is 100 feet long.

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