Does it feel the same when she calls your name?

I haven’t turned on my music yet so I’m going to choose whichever song comes first on shuffle for my entry title. Then I am not going to say what song it is but everyone can guess (AKA COMMENT!) and then the person who wins will get a shout out? That’s making me look more important than I actually am…

Yesterday I wore a T-shirt, sweatshirt,  jeans and Converse high tops because it was rainy and crappy outside. Well today I got cute and ready and straightened my hair and stepped outside and it was humid and terrible. And then I walked home around 12:45 and it was pouring! I had a huge blister from my shoes so I had to walk home barefoot. I will probably get an STD or cancer or something from the dirty Mill Street water. Bleh.

Pat: "You're a really great model!" Me: "Thanks, I try." Pat: "I was talking about Matt." FAIL.

Oh, hey there Zac Efron! I didn't see you standing there.

Express cotton blazer. Target tank top. Anne Klein flats. American Eagle Jeans. Forever 21 headband. That is it. The end.

KIDDING, FRIENDS! I think this would have been a great outfit except it’s not very “girly” and as soon as I got home this afternoon I changed into shorts. But I promise that I’ve been trying to wear girlier outfits! I even researched girly outfits by… now don’t make fun of me… but I researched by going to a doll dressing website. Yes, those websites were 10-year-old girls can put clothes on dolls and change their make up and stuff. I really needed some inspiration, okay! Anyway, it was actually kind of fun, like “Cute Chinese Girl and Room” was a fun one (even though there was some rather offensive music in the background). I did “Gorgeous Girl Make Over,” where I was surprised to not see my face there. And then my favorite, the Kristen Stewart make over. She had the scowl and everything!! And I thought it was bad enough that I got to choose her foundation color, etc. but also her accessories. And by accessories I mean TEETH BITES or a BLOODY MOUTH. For real! I chose both, obviously.

Before: Boring, generic Bella Swan.

After: Bella Cullen, vamp(ire).

And on that note I think it’s time to end this post. RANDO FACT OF THE DAY: I read all of the Twilight books. Did I hate them? No. Would I recommend them to readers my age? Definitely not.

    • Liz McGory
    • May 17th, 2010

    love you!

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