Don’t take my heart and put it on shelf.

I will give $25 to whomever knows the song in which the entry title refers. Except I don’t care if you know or not! HA! It’s the Jonas Brothers. That’s embarrassing.

Today I was bored in class so I wrote my blog by hand again. However, I needed to change some things around but here is an excerpt from what I wrote this morning:

“Talking about bugs in Media Relations. Why would someone care about a bug exhibit? Are they really big? Are the dead or alive? Are they endangered? Are they poisonous and kill you with one bite? We’ve been talking about why bugs could be interesting for at least 15 minutes. Bugs suck. Ew.”

There you go, my interesting notes I took during class. I’m not lying either. But I do apologize that I made you all read that… I had to write something during class before I fell asleep or barfed. Barf is a weird word. Cool story bro…

So week seven is going to be about giRLy* fashions. I’ve been talking about doing girly looks for like, three weeks now, so it’s time. Today I wore pink and was very girly.

Wearing pink and black... straight out of an Avril Lavigne song.

It was chilly this morning so I had to throw on the black tights, but I like it. And I love my flower/bow thing in my hair! It’s so presh. So I like that my dress is pink and long and cute! And I got some compliments and overall felt comfortable and confident. I wish I had like floral tights or something, that could have made the outfit MORE girly! I already have some outfits picked out for the rest of the week so I promise I will actually blog this week.

Well now I’m going to do a new thing at the end of each post, like tell you all a random fact about myself. Here we go! RANDO FACT OF DA DAY: I have a pink Blackberry. I dropped it at least four times this weekend. SORRY, DAD!

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