You’re in control just like a child, now I’m dancing…

What the hell kind of lyric is that? I mean, I know Madonna is a “genius” or whatever but “Like a Prayer” has some legit weird lyrics. Oh well, I’m currently listening to the Glee version (natch) and eating cherry tomatoes, my favorite food.

So I didn’t really dress up on Thursday or Friday in summer music festival garb. I wore a cute tank top on Thursday (from Spain~*) but I didn’t really do much with it, so whatever. But on Friday night I had a date party with my frat and I think my outfit (although I didn’t plan this) could very well be a summer concert outfit. This dress would be good if maybe I was going to Dave Matthews Band and pretended like I liked their music but really went to underage drink and dance with my friends and flirt with boiz. Wow, high school flashback…

First thing Matt said after taking this photo: "You look really skinny!" And I was like duhhh.

I mean, it’s a dress. I’m wearing wedges. My hair is in a braid. I’m wearing a necklace. That’s about it. The dress is from Target as well as the shoes and I have plenty of blisters on my feet to prove that I never wear heels. Wouldn’t you agree that this girl would be seen head boppin’ and posing for photos with a beer in hand at a DMB concert? I do. I can say that Friday night I did “head bop” and I sipped on Corona and Amaretto Sours all night and bar hoped and felt like a cool college kid.

So that is the end of my fashion experiment for week four. I tried hard for the first day or two but then I gave up, womp womp. I’m thinking next week I’m going to wear “girly” stuff. Like more dresses and flats and ruffles and lace. Or maybe not… I need to start getting more creative with my clothes. THREAD LAUNCHES ON THURSDAY!

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