I Believe in a Thing Called Love! Or I’m just listening to that song right now…

HEADS UP, YO: I wrote these past two blog entries BY HAND in my media relations class because it was boring and I’m doing this new thing with my S’s and so I’m really into writing these days to see how my handwriting has transformed. If you are girl then you know exactly what I mean! I try to change up my handwriting at least once a year.

So today will be the last day that I wear skirts/dresses/jorts methinks because I am too lazy to shave. I remember this one time my junior year of high school that I didn’t shave from like, December until the Sadie Hawkins dance in March. Is that gross? That’s gross.

Today my H&M floral dress made another appearance because florals are popular at music festivals. (How do I know this? Because I actually RESEARCHED photos from Coachella. This blog is like, legit now!). (I realize there was no reason whatsoever to put the previous statement in parentheses but I love them, so deal). At first I just threw on a scarf to add an accessory and my sweet/cheap/really loud black boots from Forever 21.

I'm going to start posting larger photos so everyone can enjoy my beauty and class and style.

OH WOW. That photo is big. I might make it smaller so… ah, yeah, big pic of me.

After this photo was taken I had to run to class, but instead of going bare shoulders (because it was slightly chilly again, c’mon April!) I grabbed a gray sweater. As Matt and I walked to class I was like, “Oh, we should take some candid photos of me walking,” but then I whipped out my camera because I was totally being serious. (Remember, I like love attention). So look at this fierce photo of me:

So candid. So cute. So modelesque. Tyra would be proud! Except that I'm eating cherry Pull-N-Peel Twizzlers at 10 a.m. (And, yes, this is now my profile picture. HANDLE IT!).

So there’s a photo of me in action. Walking. Laughing. Generally enjoying life being a cute, single college junior. Seriously… boys… date me! (I need to stop using this “joke”).

PS – Like I said I wrote these by hand in class. I had to stare at Ben Harshbarger’s head all day. He has nice hair. I’m creepy.

    • Jill
    • April 25th, 2010

    Hey you and your floral dress and loud boots need to come back to cinci so we can hang out.

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