Baba O’Riley… because that’s what song I’m listening to.

Monday night I went to Walmart, I almost bought Miley Cyrus jeans (I know… no, I know) but instead settled on a pair of SHORT shorts for $12. Everyone at summer music fests wears jean shorts. Jorts? Even DUDES. So on Tuesday I wore those bootay shorts. But because I don’t want you all to be blinded by my pasty white legs, I wore black tights underneath the shorts. Another reason was because of the weather! It was cold on Tuesday! I should have worn all black this week…

I wore my black high top Converse shoes because I am cool enough to own them. I bought them in London~* last Spring… well my mom bought them for me while we were in London. (If you all remember, “~*” means that I’m trying to brag about being a world traveler). I love those shoes. I love shoes. I love. I. (I just deleted a word each time, I’m so funny).

I wanted to wear a flowy tank top but it was chilly! So I wore this peach graphic T-shirt that I bought from an Urban Outfitters in New York City~* last summer. I guess it doesn’t really matter which Urban it was because every Urban has the same stuff. Anyway, I also wore a black cardigan because of the flipping weather! ON TO THE PHOTO!

Oh, who's that girl?!

My crotch hurt by the end of the day because my tights were pretty tight in that area (hey, go figure!). And my shorts kept riding up because I couldn’t really feel them (and they are cheap and from Walmart so the denim is actually like stretchy so… they’re just bad) so it looked like I wasn’t wearing jorts half the day. And my fly was down from like 8 a.m. until 1 p.m! So the bottom half of my body (minus my shoes) was displaying some strange wardrobe malfunctions (seen and unseen). Also the shirt is borderline too big for me. I know I said I like baggy things but this shirt like, fits me weird now. Hey, I’ve lost 15 pounds since Thanksgiving and I can’t afford to buy new clothes every 5 pounds I lose, OKAY?! (Some feelings you should be experiencing right now: Shock, amazement and awe that I’ve lost 15 pounds and then pity because I have no money and no job).

Okay so Tuesday was a fun day. I wouldn’t normally wear an outfit like that and I think I looked pretty seksi. (That means “sexy” for all of you non-nerds).

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