I still have a lot of homework to finish.

Although Friday morning I wore workout clothes to class, I spent a spectacularly sweaty hour at Ping before I changed into stripes! (Yes, I just wanted everyone to know that I worked out Friday morning and that I’m active and fun. Date me!). After showering, I put on a striped tank top that I bought in Rome ~* like four years ago. The “~*” means I’m trying to be fancy/brag that I’ve been to Rome – sux 4 u. I also wore a new gray cardigan from H&M. Again, thank you Cincinnati for finally getting an H&M! I also wore skinny jeans (maybe I should find a new material/style for the bottom half of my body) and my black TOMS. Last Thursday I was supposed to go barefoot or wear my TOMS or something to support people but I didn’t (it rained, hello!) and so I thought Friday would be a good day to support people and not be a follower. I’m a leader!

Trying to get cute before spending a day at the library. Yes, boys, I work out and study on Fridays. Call me!

Needless to say I was/am over wearing stripes and am ready for something new. This week is rush for Phi Sigma Pi (the *honors* fraternity I’m in – you need a good GPA to be a member so I’m pretty smart) so I am wearing T-shirts to support/advertise the organization. I will see what I can do this week with all of these T-shirts…

*Note – What TOMS Shoes does is amazing and I really admire the support and free shoes they give to shoeless children! I mean, I guess they aren’t shoeless anymore thanks to me and my *two* pairs of Toms. I’m supportive!

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