Updating this is better than working on homework.

You know what they say: When it rains, it pours! So who are “they” anyway? Well that phrase isn’t really relevant to my post today because nothing bad happened. That was just a random quote. It’s like we’re in an episode of Family Guy! I don’t really like Family Guy. What? How could I not like Family Guy? Uh… I just remembered it rained last Thursday and I got wet. I guess that was my point all along…

Last Thursday I wore a blue and white striped Calvin Klein blazer. (NAME DROPPIN’). I got it for cheap(ish) at the outlet mall! The material has a special name but I can’t think of it right now. Or I just don’t know the name. Either way, it’s made out of something. EDIT: TERRY CLOTH. No, that’s not right. But if it was terry cloth it would have been like a towel and kept me dry! Along with my Calvin Klein blazer I wore some stains. No idea what food it was (was it food? I hope it was food) or when I acquired these stains but the last time I wore my Calvin Klein blazer was at a Thanksgiving dinner party. I guess I haven’t washed it since before November. I promise it’s in the hamper now…

Along with my Calvin Klein blazer and stains, I wore a basic white V-neck from Target and my new favorite flats (also from Target). They are a caramel-y color and have studs on the back. Super cute!

Hey there, stud.

I also wore jeans. It rained. I hate wet jeans. These jeans got wet. I hated those wet jeans. My Calvin Klein blazer got wet too but I didn’t wear it that long because I had to spend another morning in the Scripps basement and it was HOT. Am I capable of typing HOT without it being in all CAPS? Needless to say I stripped in class once again. Stripped, not striped. And my hair got all frizzy from a horrible combo of moisture and heat. As soon as class was over I ran home and changed into sweats and napped. I watched the rain and listened to Boyz II Men and it was so romantic, me, myself and I, alone in my bed. Oh… well, here’s my outfit:

"Me, myself and I is all I got in the end..." - Beyoncé, a true poet.

Although you can’t really see the stripes in my Calvin Klein blazer from this image, they are there. This was the “subtle” striped look I was going for!! However, I really wish it wouldn’t have rained because I think Thursday would have been one of those “I feel really cute and confident” days. But like I said, I was rocking the frizzy, wet hair look, a dirty Calvin Klein blazer, wet jeans *ughhhh* and I had sweaty feet. Did I mention my flats cause my feet to sweat? Well they do. What I learned that day was to read the forecast but try not to let the weather affect my game. Yes, affect my game.

Times I name dropped “Calvin Klein” in this entry: 7. If that is wrong, don’t let me know. I’m a journalism major! I don’t need to “count.” All I ever need to know about math I learned in Mean Girls: The limit does not exist!

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