OMG I almost forgot to title this entry!

Wednesday I wore a striped shirt. (WHATTT?!) My roommate wore it on Tuesday. Gross? Maybe. But I bought this really cute striped shirt from Forever 21 and I wore it the weekend before but I dropped O’Betty’s on it!! Hey, YOU try eating O’Betty’s and not spilling it on yourself… well, I guess that is possible but that’s irrelevant! So I washed the shirt and it SHRUNK! And I don’t feel confident enough to wear a belly shirt and it was too hot to wear a striped blazer that I own so there I was, wearing a semi-dirty shirt and not really caring.

I look way too happy for wearing something, ahem, used.

I stuck with my American Eagle jeans that were freshly clean and freshly tight. And also my favorite brown flippy-floppies! They are old but I bought them at the Mall of America and it was the best vacation ever. EVER. So these sandals really bring back the mems.

Matt, my roomie (same roomie who’s said shirt was on my back) wore stripes as well, but in a more subtle way that I had been. As you can see, Matt might look plain from far away but up close you can see he is wearing STRIPED shorts! Nice one! And STRIPED SOCKS! Double nice.

Real men don't smile.

Uneven for a more special look.

His white shirt and Nike’s really pull the outfit together, no? This is what I wish I was doing instead – wearing my theme in a subtle way. I have a whole new outlook on my fashion experiment!

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