Week Two: Stripes!

HALO! And welcome to the… College Green? *Failed Project Runway reference* This week I am steering clear of any solids and busting out a PATTERN! Stripes! I own a lot more stripes and live with a boy who is about the same size as me (embarrassing for him or embarrassing for me?) and owns a lot of stripes! Not actual stripes, but striped clothing. C’mon guys…

So problem of running out of stripes averted! Sunday (April 4) I wore a new floral dress from H&M (I died the day Cincinnati finally got an H&M!). Floral is in because some people told me so. And then, to be completely original and like nobody else in the entire world, I paired my floral dress with a striped cardigan! NO WAY!! It was super cute and super comfortable and my roomie and I went for like a two hour walk and I felt oh so good. But I wore some silver Havaianas that gave me two big blisters. But don’t worry, I popped them that night and now I just have two red scars. So buh bye ugly blisters, hello pretty scars?

Que precioso! That's "how precious" for you non-bilinguists.

What I learned today was that clothes could make me feel confident and happy. Now I have plenty of confidence (fake or real, I’m not sure) but I know that taking a relatively boring risk like wearing stripes with a floral print dress can make me feel original and confident. Is there a synonym for confident? Clothes should make people feel good and I felt really good today. And other then my blister-causing flippy-floppies, my outfit was comfortable so I felt comfortable. Wow, mommy! Look what I learned at school today!

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