Walk, walk, fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy.

I couldn’t think of a better entry title. That is going to be my biggest problem! Maybe I’ll just put a lyric of a song I’m listening to. And then you can all laugh and laugh that I listen to Disney songs and Hanson and Lady Gaga. However, if I were to do that, right now I’m listening to the screams of “Elliot Fest” outside my window. And corn hole. Oooh the sound of bags of corn hitting wood in the afternoon. Sounds great.

Oh, FASHION! Spring Quarter is going to be blazing so my first experiment was to wear all black all of week one. I love black, black is love. I feel really good in black. So while the earth was slowly rotating toward the sun and the temps were hovering in the upper-60s (kill me), I bared all black all week. Kelly Cutrone can look out because I looked like a better, more cutthroat version of the PR guru. Kinda.

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