Monday and Tuesday. A boring entry title.

Monday I wore jeans! For the first time in like five days!! Yes, they are American Eagle and no I am not 15, but they are a staple (are they?) and they fit and they are skinny. And paired with the jeans I wore a boy’s striped shirt! Red and white! Horizontal! COLOR! I was excited! I know you all are excited.

LOL, Four Eyes!

But honestly there was nothing special about this outfit. Like, it’s a striped shirt and jeans. And flippy-floppies. So instead of making this one small, boring entry, I’m going to add my outfit from Tuesday! OH MY GOSH!

I probably don’t need to wear a size large but I like my clothes baggy and roomy, therefore I own a handful of over-sized tees and button ups. One of my favorite is from Forever 21, a big artist boyfriend striped blue collared button up. That was a lot of words to describe one shirt. I wore that shirt with leggings because the shirt is long and I’m thinking now that I can only wear my super sweet awesome lovely gladiators with leggings. I tried them with the floral dress from Sunday and it made it seem like I had… don’t make me say it… CANKLES! AH!!! So I’ll experiment more with my sandals later.

Standing outside. Looking awkward. Feeling awkward.

Zoomed in... kind of. In the Scripps basement. Cool story, bro.

I have class around 8 a.m. on Tuesday so it wasn’t really hot or anything in the morning. However, around 2 p.m. when I was walking home I could really feel the sweat on my back. I guess my sweet Jansport backpack didn’t help either, but as soon as I got home I ripped that shirt off! There was a sweat stain on my cami. Yummy.

Now (well, when I typed this up on Tuesday) I’m sitting in my cami and leggings and looking tight… not in a good way. Time to head to the gym! Tomorrow I might shave (Note: I didn’t) so I can wear a skirt and a different striped shirt to change up my look! Because, you know, wearing a different striped article of clothing everyday is really changing up my look.

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