Side note, or first note? Just a note: I can’t wait until I can write “Day 26” so I can make a reference to the failed Diddy boy-band. I still love you Donny Klang!

Anywho, day two of my all black experiment composed of leggings – gasp! I wear leggings – a black button up/down (whichever way you swing) shirt and my super awesome sandals I got for Christmas. They are gladiator and totally in style still because I see them all over the Internetz.

Let's remember my beautiful pedicure that got effed up the next day. RIP.

My leggings are American Apparel, purchased at The Other Place (Hey there supporting Athens stores!) and the shirt is from Bershka, a store in Spain. Oh, *memories* The cami I wore is from Express, no other explanation needed. And then my beautiful sandals! They got me plenty of looks (good or bad, all press is good press!) and an equal amount of compliments.

Posing~* next to the bathroom!

The problem with today was I was getting hot. HOT! And I had blisters on my feet from the day before when I wore my new flats. I said they were awesome, not comfortable! And the collar from my shirt was making me feel all uptight and constricted. I love V-necks so I felt weird and blah today. And it was HOT!

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